What is Sub-Ohmming

What is Sub-Ohming?

Sub-ohming, a popular term that basically allows a vaper to produce large clouds and is typically done by tricksters who turn vapour into art. 

It sounds simple, but there is more to understand. Sub-ohming requires specific mods, tanks and juice which also manipulate the vape, flavour and cloud production.

Sub-ohm vaping utilises the principles of Ohm's law of electricity and something you should be familiar with before attempting to sub-ohm.

What is Ohm’s Law?

In relation to vaping, this means that a non-variable voltage source like a mech mod or advanced kit will increase the wattage of the device when you decrease the ohm resistance of the coils. This means the lower the ohm rating of the coil, the higher the wattage the device pushes out, which then increases vapour and flavour production.

The method:

V = I x R

The V stands for voltage, the I for current, which is amps pushed out, and the R stands for resistance which is the ohm rating on the coil.

The current is the power element, this increases the heat and the flavour, however, if this is too high, you can burn the liquid. This is the wattage element, and depending on flavour preferences, the wattage could range from 5 to 200+ watts.

Most sub-ohm devices alter that voltage accordingly with the wattage, however, if it does not then simply use the equation above to find your ideal output.

Please note that the resistance which is the ohm and refers to the coil can vary depending on the brand, rating and make. To sub-ohm, a coil below 1 ohm must be used to achieve the large vapour. These coils have varying abilities to handle heat and thus affecting the wattage and voltage settings.

Make sure to read the capabilities and structure of the device and coil to ensure you’re getting a device that means your needs and expectations.

The Mechanics of Sub-ohming

In previous years, sub-ohming was subjective to mech mods which required a lot of scientific understanding and skills in building these. Following the rise in popularity many brands including SmokAspire and Innokin, among many others, went on to produce pre-built sub-ohm tanks and mods.

This was a revolutionary introduction that made sub-ohming more accessible to the masses in a safe and manageable manner.

The more advanced kits come with atomiser recognition and automatic voltage to wattage settings. These settings prove even more useful to those looking to start sub-ohming.

For those that don’t, Ohms will need to be used to match the output of power with the voltage and resistance of the coil. This is essential to get the optimal vaping experience and will also prevent burnt hits.

As someone transitioning to sub-ohming, we do recommend you use a device with more sophisticated settings that practically tailor the settings to create a superior sub-ohm experience.

The Change from MTL to DTL

There are two types of vaping styles, MTL, which means mouth to lung and DTL, which is direct to lung. Sub-ohm gives a DTL vape, which can be a shock to MTL vapers when first achieved; however, the DTL style does produce those large clouds.

What is MTL Vaping?

Mouth to lung is when you inhale the vapour to your lungs and then exhale. This is very similar to smoking a cigarette and often adapted by newbies and recent quitters.

The cloud production for MTL is lower because you inhale only a mouthful of vapour which reduces cloud production, hence the name.

MTL vaping is more economical as e-liquid usage is reduced and it’s more favoured to newbies because this style is best suited to higher nicotine e-liquid with a blend of 50PG/50VG or 60PG/40VG.

What is DTL Vaping?

Direct to lung requires a long draw, allowing for the vapour to travel directly to your lung, for non-sub-ohmers this can be a foreign concept, and it could take some time to get used to if attempted. However, it will allow for huge plummets of vapour, allowing vast clouds to emerge on each exhale.

DTL is better suited to higher VG e-liquid, 60VG/40PG and upwards as it gives a smoother vape with increased vapour production. This method is best used with longer nicotine e-liquid as high nicotine can be harsh on your throat.

Sub-ohming offers an entirely new style of vaping, which is necessary for a smoother vape with vast clouds, but this can take some getting used to. However, once mastered, you’ll be a pro at sub-ohming and begin to impress those around you.

Safety Notice

The devices used to sub-ohm use a lot of power and have more technical features which need TLC to function safely.

With that, we’ve put together a few tips to keep you safe if you decide sub-ohming is for you.


Use a cotton bud to effectively clean your device and make sure to cover all areas, including:

  • Threads
  • Vent Holes
  • Contacts
  • Switch

Battery Usage

Sub-ohm devices use larger batteries, which can be dangerous if mishandled or not stored correctly. Here is how to protect your battery:

  • Never exceed the limits of the battery.
  • If the PVC wrapper is cracked or broken, then dispose of the battery safely immediately.
  • Carry batteries in a case and never leave them loose in your bag or pocket.
  • Never attempt to repair damaged batteries.


General Device Maintenance

  • Check the device regularly for any damages.
  • Replace the device immediately if the outer casing is cracked or broken.
  • Use a well-ventilated device with large air slots; never use a non-vented device.
  • Select a mod with safety features including low voltage, short circuit, overheating and overcharge protections.  
  • If using an RBA/RDA use thick wiring for a slowly heating process that will increase vaporisation.

To Sub-ohm or to not?

Sub-ohming has improved massively since it was first introduced with more models for mods and tanks now on the market.

It’s a preferred style of vaping and entirely depends on whether vast cloud production is what you want to see. For most, it’s a hobby for others its satisfaction.

However, if you’re looking to increase vapour, become a trickster, try more adventurous flavours or cut down on nicotine, it could be for you.

To sub-ohm or to not, what will you decide?


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