MTL vs DTL Vaping

You might come across MTL and DTL quite a lot when you are shopping for new kits, e-liquids and parts for your devices. You might read that a new device is “ideal for DTL vapers” or a new nic salt flavour is “designed for MTL vaping”, but what does that mean?

  • MTL – mouth-to-lung
  • DTL – direct-to-lung

These terms describe how you vape. There are new devices being released every single week and so hardware brands are making more of an effort to create devices and features that are specific to each inhalation method.

It can be useful to know the difference between these two styles, especially if you have just made the switch to vaping. If you have been vaping for a while, it might be a good idea to refresh your memory and ensure that any e-liquids or parts you buy in the future match your vaping style.

Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

What is Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) Vaping?

MTL vaping stands for mouth-to-lung vaping and it does exactly what it says it does.

Vaping was created to help people quit smoking. Mouth-to-lung vaping will replicate the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette making it a very good way to introduce yourself to the world of vaping.

How to vape mouth-to-lung:

  • Take a long draw of vapour into your mouth.
  • Once the vapour is in your mouth, inhale into your lungs, drawing air in at the same time.
  • Exhale.

It is easier to imagine mouth-to-lung vaping as though you are drinking through a straw. When you take a drink, the liquid enters your mouth before you swallow. Similarly, take the vapour into your mouth and then breathe it into your lungs.

Who Vapes Mouth-to-Lung?

Mouth-to-lung vaping is commonly used by smokers who have just made the switch to vaping. This is because it replicates the sensation you would expect to receive from a traditional cigarette inhale.

Should I Vape Mouth-to-Lung?

Vaping mouth-to-lung is a good way of vaping subtly as it won’t produce as many clouds.

Mouth-to-lung vaping is ideal for people who want something similar to the sensation of smoking.

Although MTL vaping won’t create huge clouds of vapour, it will deliver strong flavours and make the most out of your favourite e-liquid flavour.

Some people prefer MTL vaping because it can be cheaper. MTL tanks generally use less e-liquid compared to a DTL device.

For most, mouth-to-lung vaping can be a less intense way of taking in vapour when compared to direct-to-lung. MTL vaping is much easier on the lungs.

What is the Best E-Liquid for MTL Vaping?

If you have just quit smoking, you might want to start with an e-liquid that has a higher nicotine content. This is to help you replicate the amount of nicotine your body will be used to. Most people who make the switch will start somewhere between 12mg and 20mg.

You might want to experiment with a few nicotine strengths and flavours before you find one that satisfies your cravings. It’s always good to have a look at e-liquid offers, including our 4 10ml for £12 Vampire Vape e-liquid deal.

Nicotine salts are also a really good option for switchers. Nicotine salts, often referred to as ‘nic salts’ will provide a smoother throat hit and can be available in 10mg or 20mg nicotine contents. Nic salts are absorbed into the bloodstream quicker than traditional freebase e-liquids.

If you have just made the switch from smoking, you might want to try nicotine salts as they will provide a more satisfying nicotine hit.

If you are vaping to receive a nicotine hit, MTL vaping is for you!

What PG/VG Ratio is Best for MTL Vapers?

PG and VG are the main ingredients that make up your e-liquid.

Mouth-to-lung vaping provides you with the best experience when you use a 50/50 e-liquid or nic salts.

  • 50/50 – Good throat hit
  • Nic Salts – Perfect for MTL and recent switchers

What is the Best Airflow Setting for MTL Vaping?

The airflow through your device can have a huge say in whether you are MTL or DTL vaping.

MTL devices will often have a smaller drip tip (mouthpiece) as this will restrict the amount of vapour entering the mouth. DTL devices on the other hand will have a much wider mouthpiece to allow more vapour. The MTL mouthpieces will also help to replicate the sensation of smoking.

When you are vaping mouth-to-lung you will want a more restricted airflow for a tighter draw. On some devices you can alter the airflow on a ring, to get the ultimate MTL vaping experience.

What is the Best Coil Resistance for MTL Vaping?

When you are vaping mouth-to-lung, you will want to try a higher resistance coil. This includes anything above 1.0Ohm.

When you first start vaping, most starter kits and devices have a fixed wattage. This means that your wattage will automatically match your coil, so you don’t have to do it manually.

Fixed wattages give you a chance to experiment with flavours and is a really good starting point when you first start vaping.

Best Selling MTL Vape Devices:

VooPoo Vinci Q
Smok Nord X
VooPoo Drag Nano 2
Innokin Jem Pen

Direct-to-Lung Vaping

What is Direct-to-Lung Vaping?

Direct-to-lung vaping is the opposite of the MTL style of vaping. It can take some getting used to, especially if you are a recent smoker and have become familiar with the MTL inhaling style for so long.

How to vape direct-to-lung:

  • Inhale slow and steady, directly into your lungs
  • 3-5 second draw
  • Exhale

Who Vapes Direct to Lung?

If you appreciate thick clouds and a lungful of tasty vapour, then you will benefit from vaping direct-to-lung.

Vaping direct-to-lung will allow you to enjoy the high wattage mods and sub-ohm tanks that the market has to offer. These devices will provide high levels of vapour production. Most people vape direct-to-lung if they perform tricks, cloud chase or enjoy the flavour profile of an e-liquid on the exhale.

Should I Vape Direct-to-Lung?

Attempting direct-to-lung vaping can be a shock to the lungs at first because it will be different to the smoking or vaping experience you have had before.

There are lots of devices that will support this method of vaping much better such as sub-ohm vape kits.

This method will also give you lots of vapour to try new tricks and appreciate a whole range of flavours.

What is the Best E-Liquid for MTL Vaping?

Vaping sub-ohm with a direct-to-lung device whilst using a high nicotine e-liquid will make you feel quite buzzed.

A lower nicotine strength is always ideal for direct-to-lung vaping. This is why many sub-ohm vapers have been vaping for a long time and have made the switch to DTL vaping after reducing their nicotine content over the years.

6mg or less is generally a good place to start when vaping DTL.

The higher your nicotine strength, especially in a sub-ohm device, the harsher the throat hit and bigger nicotine hit.

What PG/VG Ratio is Best for DTL Vapers?

PG and VG are the main ingredients that make up your e-liquid.

DTL vaping is usually paired with a higher VG content. 70VG/30PG is one of the most popular blends for sub-ohm vape devices. It will produce a good flavour, plenty of clouds and a smooth throat hit.

What is the Best Airflow Setting for DTL Vaping?

Most vaping devices will give you the chance to change your airflow. This is usually done through a ring on the bottom or the top of the tank and can be fully closed or opened.

An open airflow will allow more air to flow through the tank and into your lungs unrestricted. This will also increase your cloud production and is usually the method used by most sub-ohm vapers.

Closing the airflow can result in a more intense, warmer vape but can also increase the flavour production slightly.

It’s always a good idea to experiment with different airflow settings when you get your new device as everyone’s preferences are different. It might take some time to find a setting that suits your vaping style but once you do, it will be worth it!

What is the Best Coil Resistance for DTL Vaping?

If you want to start sub-ohm vaping, you’ll want to use sub-ohm coils. A sub-ohm coil is any coil with a resistance of less than 1.0Ohm.

Lower resistance coils are made with thicker wires that will allow more wattage to be fed to the coil. This will allow you to maintain a higher temperature for longer without directly damaging your device.

Best Selling DTL Vape Devices:

VooPoo Drag S Pod Kit
Smok RPM 2S Kit
Lost Vape Thelema Kit
Geek Vape Aegis Solo 2 - S100 Kit

So… MTL or DTL?

Whether you’re a smoker, a new vaper or a professional cloud chaser, you now know the difference between the two main vaping styles and you can start to experiment with vape devices to find your ideal set-up.

Just remember that any type of vaping is good if it helps you make the switch from smoking and everyone’s vaping journey is bound to be different.


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